May 2012 ASYO

Kile Hill Violin, 2009Keanu Mitanga wins concerto competition on a 2009 Kile Hill violin

In 2012, Keanu Mitanga won the Concerto Competition with The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra playing a Violin I made in 2009. The Talent Development Program purchased the Violin and Keanu is the current recipient. We were able to see him play the first movement of the Saint Saens Concerto in B Minor with the ASYO in May of 2012. It was an incredible experience to hear such a talented young musician play an instrument I put my heart and soul into. The ASYO offered an outstanding performance. This is a video clip of Keanu playing an unaccompanied recital of a different piece for the TDP.

Watch Keanu & the ASYO performance of the Saint Saens Violin Concerto #3, first movement


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