May 2014 It feels great to have the shop in full swing. I’m currently working on two violas, a 16″ and 16 1/2″ Viola. This picture shows the rough arching on top and back side by side. Looking forward to hearing them side by side.

May 2014 My studio is officially set up in the Willamette Valley of Northwest Oregon. We made the long haul across the country from Atlanta to Memphis (my hometown) then on to I-40 & Route 66 to California (Riverside, my wife’s hometown) following I-5 from Southern California all the way to McMinnville, Oregon. Now, the […]

I’m experimenting with a cornerless fiddle modeled after Guarneri del Gesu with the intention of building a five-string slightly altered from this instrument model. The body will be widened, arch & rib heights will be slightly taller to allow more air volume, hopefully accommodating C-string power. Here are a few pictures of the back in […]

Keanu Mitanga wins concerto competition on a 2009 Kile Hill violin In 2012, Keanu Mitanga won the Concerto Competition with The Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra playing a Violin I made in 2009. The Talent Development Program purchased the Violin and Keanu is the current recipient. We were able to see him play the first movement […]