16″ Tertis de Hill viola, 2014

My custom 16″ viola is based on the Tertis model, adjusted to 16″ with a shorter string length to make it more playable without losing projection and quality of sound.  Brescian, Venetian, and Cremonese styles influence my custom design on the scroll, f-holes and taller arching.

This instrument is available through Voss Violins in Atlanta, GA – 404-876-8617

Viola Oregon 1 Viola Oregon 2 Viola Oregon 3 Viola Oregon 4 Viola Oregon 5 Viola Oregon 6 Viola Oregon 7 Viola Oregon 82014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish 12014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground2 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground32014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish2 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish3

To hear a sound sample of this Viola (played by a Cellist) click here