This viola is my personal model. The outline is based upon a Lionel Tertis. The scroll is based upon a Brothers Amati. All remaining aspects are of my own design based upon the Brescian, Cremonese, & Venetian schools. The two piece top is made from figured European Spruce with consistent narrow grain from center to edges. The one piece back is made from European Maple with softer wide flames in the upper and middle bouts transitioning to medium width flame in the lower bout. The ribs are made from European Maple with consistent medium width flame on the upper and lower bouts. The c-bouts are of inconsistent medium and wide flame. The scroll is made from consistent medium depth and medium width European Maple. The Varnish is made from lindseed oil and colophony. It is a transparent amber orange color and was left in its pristine state.

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My custom 16″ viola is based on the Tertis model, adjusted to 16″ with a shorter string length to make it more playable without losing projection and quality of sound.  Brescian, Venetian, and Cremonese styles influence my custom design on the scroll, f-holes and taller arching.

This instrument is available through Voss Violins in Atlanta, GA – 404-876-8617

Viola Oregon 1 Viola Oregon 2 Viola Oregon 3 Viola Oregon 4 Viola Oregon 5 Viola Oregon 6 Viola Oregon 7 Viola Oregon 82014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish 12014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground2 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Ground32014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish2 2014 Viola Tertis de Hill Varnish3

To hear a sound sample of this Viola (played by a Cellist) click here